Happy 2010!

January 8th, 2010 · No Comments

The new year is now 8 days old and I’m (very) late in the season-greetings tradition… Nevertheless: Happy New Year/Decade! 2009 was amazing and 2010 already looks to be just as exciting.

I’ve thrown together a quick generative piece that has been living in my sketchbook for far too long. It is a simple particle system that is governed by flowing curves that form letters (in this case ‘2010′) - there is a whole range of possible render-mechanisms that could be attached to this and I got a bit sidetracked (which I greatly enjoy!) while doing it.

At first I wanted to generate shapes using continuous curved-lines. First up, a simple circle.


The result is reminiscent of a t-shirt Golan Levin once wore at a talk at the RCA - I think it was the infinity sign rendered in a similar way (might have been a MIT/ACG t-shirt). At least that’s how my memory sees it. I then applied a more advanced shape to the system, a linear flow-path based on the numbers ‘2010′.


At this point, the curves were only there to let me debug/see what was going on, no particles are introduced yet. But it looked nice, so I added more curves.


Still not at the stage of adding particles - which was the original plan - the curves are quite beautiful in themselves, so I added .pdf-exporting and opened the file in illustrator. Pure bliss.


Finally I scrapped the line-rendering and added the particles to the mix - after all, this thing is begging to be moving.

Happy New Year!

Tags: experiments · okdeluxe · processing · code driven graphics